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New Navigation

Learn about the new navigation, and see a mapping from the old to new locations.

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2019 - Release Notes

Details of all releases/updates during 2019

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2018 - Release Notes

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User Guide


Clients are the top level of the hierarchy.

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Everything to know about doing your timesheet

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Leave Management

Covers applying for leave, leave balance and the leave approval process

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Overview of the tools available for managing the resourcing of a project

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Overview of project forecasts,, and the tools and reports available

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Measuring cost of work against invoicing

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Measuring work effort against capacity and billable targets

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Gross Margin

See the financial value of your work, using revenue and staff costs

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Use notifications to be informed when certain things happen

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Apps & Integrations


How to set up and manage the integration of Project Works and Xero.

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How to set up and manage the integration of Project Works and iPayroll.

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Project Works for Administrators

User Management

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