Overview of projects

As you might guess, projects are the lifeblood of Project Works.

As a services organisation delivering projects to clients is why we exist. Projects are in many ways the most important level of information within Project Works and drives a lot of the activities for the organisation. It is within projects that the following information is entered and tasks are performed. 

  • Resourcing (allocating people to work on the project)
  • Financial forecasting (revenue realisation over time)
  • Invoicing (generate and issue invoices for work completed)
  • Task assignment and time recording (assign people tasks with set hour so they can record time worked)
  • Financial performance metrics (reports available including recoverability and gross margin analysis)

Key reports on resourcing and forecasting are also presented at a project level, allowing portfolio monitoring to be viewed and filtered to an office or manager level.

Project Works supports different delivery methods and works just as well for a traditional waterfall or an agile delivery methodology. While there are some defined structures within a project, there is a lot of room for you to tailor the fidelity of the information you capture. As an example, you could segment a very large project (programme) into separate projects (eg an Analysis project and a Development project), or you can use multiple modules within a single project to break the delivery into smaller portions).

Project Works provides you with a framework to deliver your projects but does not force everyone to do everything the same way.

There is a series of help articles covering the above topics in detail.