Overview of user administration

Setting up users for Projectworks is one of the first tasks that will be done when your organisation starts to use Projectworks. After the initial load of users, it is likely that you will be adding and editing users on a regular basis. This article is aimed at people that will be responsible for administering users, and will cover:

Projectworks can also be used as your HRIS (Human Resources Information System) to record a variety of information about personnel. Your organisation has control over what data you want to collect and store for employees using the Custom Field engine to build up sections of information to be captured. 

This user administration section doesn't cover managing other personnel data that your organisation may record for employees, it focuses on on managing the user account information necessary for accessing Projectworks.

Introduction to users accounts, roles and postings

It is important to understand the three distinct pieces of information required to effectively have a person set up within Projectworks.

Each person needs to have a user account to be able to login to Projectworks. They also require at least one user role which provides access to various screens or features. Each person also needs to have a current posting to allow them to appear in the people directories, be resourced onto a project or do timesheets.

It is the combination of a user account, access roles and a posting that ensures people can access what they need and show their current "place" within the organisation. 

User account
  • A user account is required to access Projectworks
  • This contains the login and password information
User role 
  • User roles are assigned to people to provide access to screens and features.
  • Typically everyone will be assigned a "base access role" providing access to the screens and features that your organisation wants everyone to be able to access.
  • Multiple roles can be created and assigned to people to "level up" their privileges - eg, to provide access to create projects or 
  • A posting does not provide the ability to access Projectworks
  • A posting records specific details about a person, for a certain point in time, including
    • Office, team, position, line manager, capacity, utilisation target, base charge rate
  • People can still login without a posting but they will have no capacity available for resourcing and will not be able to use any of the "people" features.

User accounts

When a user is created for your organisation an account with Projectworks will also be created for them, using the email address as the login. The single Projectworks login can be used to access more then one multiple instances of Projectworks, as long as they have been created as user in another instance. This creates the mapping between the Projectworks user and your tenant, allowing that account to login. It sounds more complicated than it actually is.

While most people will only need to login to one instance of Projectworks, some people may need to access more than one.  


You are a Finance Manager for an organisation which is structured into 2 companies, each with their own version of Projectworks.

You will have a single Projectworks login to use, and when you login you choose which company you will login to.

To switch between companies you just need to sign out, and select the company you want to sign in to.

Users screen

The Users screen in the admin section lists all users that have been set up. The list can be filtered by office and team, and you can choose to see only active users or all users. There are a number of actions available to be performed on each user..New users can be created by clicking the Add User button.

The information for each person is split into sections, including their login (email address), name, office and team and whether they are active. The account login details refers to the Projectworks account and whether it will allow a user to login.

Can a user login?

There are a few settings that all need to be in place to allow a user to be able to login. They need to have a "green icon" and have "4 green lights" indicating their user and account is active, their account isn't locked and has been mapped to your tenant. If any of these items are "no" then they will not be able to login to Projectworks.

  • Green icons indicates a user is able to login
  • Red icon indicates a user is unable to login
  • Hover over the icon for the reason they will be unable to login
User active
  • Whether the user is active in your organisation, this is controlled by the active flag on a user's profile
Account Login active
  • It is possible for a Projectworks account to be made inactive
  • If the user is active but the account is inactive contact support@projectworks.io and they will assist you
Account Locked
  • An account will be locked after three successful unsuccessful attempts to login.
  • The account will be locked for 10 minutes before being automatically unlocked again
  • A user can unlock the account themselves by using the "Forgot my password" process and successfully changing their password
Account Mapped
  • The Projectworks account needs to be mapped to your tenant to allow access. 
  • If the user is not mapped contact support@projectworks.io and they will assist you

Creating a user

New users can be created by clicking the Add User button. There is minimal information needed to create a user, however in most cases you will also create the posting for the person as part of the user creation process. While it is possible to create the posting later, it considered best practice to create the posting at the same time to avoid forgetting to complete it at a later date.

User Information 

To create a user you need to enter their First Name, Last Name, Email Address and the Employee Start Date. All other information is optional at this time and can be added later:

  • User roles and welcome email from the user admin screen
  • Other user information and the posting by editing the person from the person workbench
Email addresses must be unique within Projectworks.

The email address is the key as that will be the login they will use. It is important to get the email address correct as it can not be edited once the user is created.  

Account details

A Projectworks account is created for the user as part of the creation process. You can choose not to create the login or send the welcome email at this time, and trigger that process at a later stage (useful if you are loading a user in advance of them starting). 

The user needs to activate their account  and set their password before they can log in. The link in the welcome email is valid for 3 days, if not activated in that time a new welcome email will need to be sent.

Note: The welcome email can be sent separately from the user creation process. This is helpful if you are creating users in advance of them starting at your organisation, as you can generate the Welcome Email just prior to their first day. 

Assign user roles

User roles need to be assigned to provide access to the various screens and features. Select the relevant roles to provide the necessary access for the user. User roles and be added or removed in the future.

Refer to the user roles article for more information.

Note: A user role must be assigned for a user to be able to login.


Postings provide essential information about a person and their place within the organisation.The details included in each posting is used to feed into your organisation structure (Org Chart) by putting people into the right teams and offices. It also provides information for capacity planning and budgets as it defines the working arrangements, billing/utilisation targets and default charge rate.

If you follow best practice and create their first posting as part of the user creation process it will have a start date of the employee start date, and be an open ended posting (no end date will be set). Should you create the first posing once the user has been created you will need to set the start date manually to be the same as the employee start date.

Note: Until a posting is added to a user they will not be visible in the people directory, will not be shown in the bench report (they have no capacity) and will not be able to be resourced onto any project or assigned any tasks.

Managing people's postings

It is likely that people will have multiple postings over time, Changes could include getting a new position, progression from a junior to intermediate rank, altering their working hours.

Should someone's posting details change, a new posting is created to "take over" from the existing one. Creating a new posting each time something changes keeps the historical information intact allowing for accurate reporting to be performed. When creating a new posting all details are defaulted to the values of the previous posing, with the start date being the current date. This make is very quick to set up the new posting as you only need to alter the details that are changed. 

Tips and rules

  • Only one posting can be active at any time
  • Postings can be queued up to start in the future and will automatically become active on the posting start date (the previous posting will automatically be end dated).
    • this can be helpful if you are creating a set of postings for a new employee who may have a utilisation target changing over say the first 3 months of employment
    • you can set up new postings to reflect a change to your organisation structure ahead of the change over date
  • In most cases a person's posting will be ongoing (no end date)
  • A posting should only be edited if something was entered incorrectly
  • it would be very rare to need to delete a posting and should be done so carefully (deleting a posting could change the start/end dates of other postings)

Note: Create a new posting when the someone's details change to provide the history of a person't working life and ensure historic reporting remains accurate.

Editing a user

From the user admin screen you can edit some of the basic details about the user, however, the majority of information about a person is managed from the various screens within their workbench. For example, postings, HR data, certifications and objectives are managed via their own screens.

Editing a user from within the user admin section allows you to edit the "person profile" information, as well as making their account inactive.

Edit this user Allows you to edit the details from the Profile screen
Delete this user Users can only be deleted if they have no data associated with them.
what scenario can they be deleted?
Assign roles Each user requires roles to provide access to various screen and features.
Deactivate this user Deactivating the user simply makes the user inactive (can also be done using Edit Details)
If the user was inactive, there is an option to Activate the user
Send Welcome Email Users need to activate their account by following the link in their Welcome Email and setting the password.
A Welcome email can be sent at any time, even if the user has already activated their account

Deactivating a user (so they can't login)

Deactivating a user will prevent them from accessing Projectworks any more. This can be done by using the "Deactivate user" option or by un-ticking "active" flag on the user profile screen.

As well as deactivating a user so they can no longer login to Projectworks there are other steps which should be performed to ensure they are removed from resourcing and closed out correctly from the HRIS.

User no longer works at your organisation

When someone no longer works at your organisation there are additional steps that should be taken to correctly and completely close out their Projectworks record.

  1. Deactivate the user - so they can no longer login
  2. Set the Employment End Date on their user profile
  3. Set the End date on their final posting to their employment end date
    1. This will prevent any additional resourcing being added after the end date of the posting
  4. Remove any resourcing after the posting end date
    1. you should liaise the the relevant Project Managers so they can find replacement personnel
  5. Ensure their timesheet had been completed

Note: Administrators can still access inactive users from the People Directory page

Login and password issues

It is possible that users may report they are unable to login to Projectworks and request your help. There are a few different scenarios and if the user has previously activated their account, they should be able to resolve the issue themselves by initiating the forgot password process.

Once successfully logged in to Projectworks any issues with access to screens or features can be rectified by amending the user roles they are assigned.

Problem Description Help Options
Account is locked  Projectworks accounts get locked after three unsuccessful login attempts and remain locked for 10 minutes before being automatically unlocked. Once locked the user will be unable to login
  • The account will unlock after 10 minutes, and user will be able to login with correct credentials
  • Users can use the forgotten password link and set a new password (this process unlocks the account if required)
  • Administrator can start the password reset process by sending the "Welcome email" which will initiate the reset password process.
User has forgotten their password A user has simply forgotten their password - or maybe the email address they use to login.
  • Users can use the forgotten password link and set a new password (this process unlocks the account if required)
  • Confirm the user is using the correct email address to login
  • Administrator can start the password reset process by sending the "Welcome email" which will initiate the reset password process.
Invalid login The email address used to login must match the email.login of their user in Projectworks - email aliases will not work
eg. firstname.lastname@company.com vs firstname@company.com
  • Confirm the user is using the correct email address to login
  • Check the user is valid (is active and mapped)
  • IF they haven't activated their account either:
    • Create login and send welcome email
    • Resend the Welcome email
Account not mapped It is unlikely that a users account won't be mapped to your tenant and if so you will need the Projectworks team to resolve the issue. 
Note : Administrators are not able to reset the password for a user, but can initiate the reset password process by re-sending the welcome email.

Forgot your  password

Users are able to unlock their account themselves by using the Forgot my password process.

User roles

To ensure people are only able to access the ares of Projectworks. User roles consist of a collection of service points (granular access) and can be created and modified by Projectworks administrators to provide the required level of access to staff.

A number of default user roles are included in your initial deployment to make it faster to get started. You can alter these as required, delete the ones you don;t want, alter the level of access or create new ones.

Create a base access user role which all employees will have. This may be as simple as providing access to their own timesheet, or include the ability to view all projects and associated information for your customers - it is up to you. Additional roles are then created to provide access to other functions, such as project creation, invoicing, staff management.. If you have people external to your organisation (eg a contractor) you might want to create a very locked down account for them (eg own timesheet only).

Tip: Assign multiple user roles to a person to "level up" their access privileges

Default user roles

A number of default user roles are included in your initial deployment of your tenant to make it faster to get started. You can alter these user roles as required, delete the ones you don't want, alter the level of access provided by a role, or create new ones.

User role
Provides access to
Who should have this role
  • All information, for all projects, all financial information and all personnel details
  • All administration access
  • Projectworks Administrator
  • Consider creating a "Sys Admin" account for Projectworks
  • View and edit own timesheet,
  • See own resourcing
  • All employees
  • View and edit own timesheet
  • View own resourcing 
  • Very limited access, ideal for any external contractors who need to do timesheets
  • Manage the invoicing process, create, edit, reject, withdraw and send invoices 
  • View finance forecasting (forecasts against GL Codes)
  • Debtor Management
  • Manage office budget
Project Manager
  • Create new clients and projects
  • Set up projects, modules and tasks
  • Enter financial forecasts for projects 
  • Assign and manage resourcing on projects
  • Create invoices and get them ready for your Finance role to send to clients
  • For people who are responsible for managing projects