*NEW* Why we changed our approach to timesheets

Why the change?

Over the past few months we've been talking more to existing and potential customers. This has highlighted that our timesheet works differently to most other timesheet products, and doesn't align with how a lot of companies approach timesheeting. Ultimately, we decided to align our timesheet process more closely with industry standard (but still do things better!).
Some issues that came to light:
  • Projectworks timesheets were often much longer than they needed to be, with many unused tasks, and users found them hard to manage
  • Timesheet tasks required frequent tidy up by Project Managers to stay relevant - this wasn't always happening
  • A lot of people weren’t aware they could remove tasks themselves
  • We've noticed some user error due to timesheets being so long that important information was missed
  • There was no ability to enter time on a per-day basis
  • All of the potential customers we spoke to said they wanted to start their day from scratch, adding tasks with time as they go, rather than entering time against a long list of all available tasks

Paving the way for future improvements

We're taking an iterative approach and have plans for further improvements. Some ideas we're mulling over:
  • A stop/start timer
  • Ability to quickly add tasks by ID number (e.g. tasks derived from ticketing systems)... no need to search for a project first!
  • Ability to bulk load your timesheet with tasks from last week/yesterday, or all tasks you've been assigned/resourced on
  • Ability for Project Managers to “force pin” tasks onto your timesheet
  • Ability for Admins to "force pin" company-wide tasks like 'Paid rest break', 'Daily standup' etc
  • A more informative report with insights about how you're spending your time
  • Option to enter from-to times (e.g. 9:00 - 9:30) instead of total time spent on a task