v3.9: 15 Mar 2020 - Exec dashboard v1, project budget and settings updates

Included in this release

  • The first version of an Executive Dashboard (revenue & utilisation)
  • Improvements to the project budget screen, updated calculations and a list view of the budget breakdown
  • Some refinements to the project settings screen
  • The All leave screen can now be grouped and sorted 
  • There have been no updates to the API and SQL Views

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you pronto.

Executive dashboard - v1

One of the things we've been talking about for awhile is to start surfacing some of the important business metrics that Projectworks can track. In this release we have started this with a first version of an Executive Dashboard, beginning with revenue targets and utilisation tracking. There are a lot of other metrics that we will add to the Exec Dashboard throughout the year, as well as working on dashboards targeted at other levels of organisations.

The first version of the dashboard sees widgets for revenue targets and utilisation tracking. The numbers are presented for the previous month, current month and next month. Each widget needs to be configured separately to show the results for the relevant office and or budget.

Note: Access to the dashboard is controlled by it's own service point. To enable access, head to the Admin section and select Roles. You'll need to enable the  Dashboard.Executive.View service point to the user roles that you want to be able to see the dashboard. 

Revenue targets

The revenue targets widget presents the financial forecasts compared to the selected budget. You will need to create revenue budgets in the admin section to monitor revenue forecasts against budgets. 

Utilisation tracking

Up until now all utilisation reporting was historic, based on timesheet entries. The dashboards allows you to see a forward view of utilisation based on resourcing on billable projects. Util fr the previous month is based on timesheets, the current month on a mix of timesheet entries and remaining resourcing while the next month is solely based on resourcing. A report showing a 12 month view of resourcing will be coming in the future. Note: The utilisation metric is based on billable people for the selected office, working on billable projects for any office. 

Project budget updates

The purpose of the budget screen is to make it easy to see that state of the budget for your. We've made a couple of adjustments to the calculations, revised some of the language and added a new "at completion" comparison of projected revenue vs the budget. 

Note: There is also a new option to toggle the budget breakdown from a tiled view to a list view - try it out as you might prefer one over the other.You can now also hide the inactive budgets from the breakdown.. 

Project settings updates

A number of visual refinements have been made to help with reading a screen with a lot of information: These include:

  • New toggle for switching budgets from active/inactive. It's more visual so its easier to distinguish between them
  • Inactive budgets can be hidden 

API and SQL views

There have been no changes made to the API and SQL views in this release.