Swap a resource

How Does Swap Resourcing Work?

The swap resource feature allows you to change the person that is resourced without re-entering all the details. Click the swap button for the person to be replaced. Resourcing can be swapped to an existing person,or a new Shadow User can be created. All future resourcing for the selected person will be reallocated to the replacement person or a new shadow user.

Swap to an existing user

To swap resourcing from one person to another:

Select “Resource a User” to change to an existing person.
Find the person by typing their name, by selecting from the list or by using the filters. See the "search for a person to resource" page for more details.

Swap to a Shadow User

To swap resourcing from one person to a " Shadow Resource":

Select “Resource a Shadow” to create a new shadow user to swap the resourcing to.
Specify the attributes for the shadow user.


  • One person at a time can be swapped.
  • All future resourcing from the current week will be swapped
  • Resourcing can’t be swapped to an existing Shadow User (a new one must be created)