Shadow Resources

What are Shadow Users?

A Shadow User is used when you don't know (or don't have) the resource that you need for your project. They are a great way to build up the resource profile of your project before you know which people you will be able to use. Once you have a real person to allocate to your project you can swap the shadow user to the real person.

Shadow users are created for a  specific project and do not go into a pool of resources that can be assigned elsewhere. 

When to use a Shadow User

  • If you want to set up the required resource profile for your project but don’t have the people you need (helps with planning)
  • When you don’t have a person (or capacity) for a certain role, or at a certain time
  • All resourcing for shadow users is treated as a pencil booking

Creating a Shadow User

To create a Shadow User click the "Add Resource" button on the Resourcing screen of a project, or from the Project Resourcing workbench.On the Add Resourcing screen:

  1. Select "Resource a Shadow" which will display the details needed to create a Shadow User
  2. Select the relevant attributes (Office and Team are mandatory, Position and Rank are optional)
  3. Enter the hourly rate that their work effort will be changed to the client – this is used for calculating cost/revenue based on resourcing that is allocated
  4. Selecting the “Allocate hours now” option lets you add resourcing in bulk at the same time as creating the shadow user Leaving this unchecked will create the Shadow User and display them on the Project Resourcing screen with no effort allocated to the