Overview of notifications

Certain actions within Project Works can generate a notification to inform people about something that has happened. Currently notifications include the creation of new clients or projects, changes to project statuses, invoice payments leave requests (submissions and approvals) and user feedback. 

Over time more notification events will be added. It will also be used as a way for administrators to broadcast messages to all users, which could include notice of planned outages or details on what the latest release/version of the app contains.

The notification bell - view of your notifications

The in-app notifications are accessed from the notification bell icon at the top right of each screen. When an event occurs that you have subscribed to the bell icon will go red to indicate you have an unread notification.

Click the notification bell to see your notifications
Your most recent notifications are shown, unread notifications are shaded and you can click a notification to go to the applicable page to see more details.
Clicking Settings will open the setting page where you can customise your notifications preference.
Clicking View all notifications will open the notifications page, with all notifications shown.

Clicking an unread notification will mark all notifications as read, and revert your bell to.

View all notifications

From the notification bell you can select View all notifications to go to the My Notifications page. This lists all the notifications you have received over the past 30 days, with the most recent shown first. Notifications will "fall off" after 30 days.

You can also access your Notification settings from