Entering resourcing

The process for adding and editing resourcing is consistent across all resourcing screens. There are two key ways for editing existing resourcing values:

  • using the screens like a datasheet, and entering resourcing amounts directly on the screen
  • using the pop-up on a "cell by cell" basis

Datasheet Mode

If there are some simple changes to make to a persons resourcing it may be quickest to make the edits directly into the worksheet. To edit directly on screen by simply select a cell and entering (or deleting) a number. You can tab backward and forward for fast entry. Changes are saved as you tab/click out of the cell. 

Click the edit icon that shows when you click a cell to access the pop-up which provides more information about the resourcing. Click the ? icon at shows when you click a cell to mark that entry as a pencil booking.

The shading of the cell will update straight away to show whether they are under resourced, over resourced or resourced to capacity

Controls available

When clicking a cell set of icons will be displayed to provide extra features that can be used fro editing resourcing values.

Edit resourcing in pop-up
The edit button will open the resourcing pop-up which shows the additional details of the persons resourcing for the week.

Assign all available capacity for the week
The "assign all" button will add all the hours the person has available for the week. 
Mark the entry as a pencil booking
Click this button to mark the resourcing for the week as a pencil booking.
Shift resourcing forward
Resourcing can be pushed back in bulk. See  Resourcing will start later for more details
Shift resourcing backwards
Resourcing can be brought forward in bulk. See  Resourcing will start earlier for more details.

Shifting resourcing in bulk

There are times when you need to be able to bulk move resourcing. For example, you may have entered all the resourcing for a new project based on a certain start date and the date then the start is delayed. Rather than going through and editing all of the resourcing, you just need to "slide it all along a couple of weeks". Project Works has a way for you to do this.

Resourcing will start later (move right on screen)

Existing resourcing can be moved to start later by using the shift resourcing forward icon. The process will move all resourcing for a person from the week selected one week into the future.

To move resourcing to start later, click in the cell of the first week that you want to move the resourcing from then click the shift resourcing forward button. 

All resourcing for the person from that point on will be shifted one week. Repeat the process as many times as needed to move the resourcing to the desired start date.

All resourcing from Harsh has been moved out by one week, starting on 16th April rather than 9th April..

Resourcing to start earlier (move left on screen)

Resourcing can also be brought forward if work can start earlier. The process is the same as for pushing resourcing out with one difference. When moving resourcing "left" it will only move if the week has no resourcing entered.