Project Resourcing Workbench

The Project Resourcing Workbench provides a view of the amount of resourcing allocated to all projects - on one page!

There is a lot of information to process so filtering it down to an Office, Project Manager or Client level makes it more manageable. Resourcing is grouped into projects within clients, with all resourcing able to be edited. Additional people can be resourced to a project from here, rather than diving into the relevant project to do so. 

Use cases include:

  • A Project Manager can review (and edit) the resourcing for their entire portfolio
  • An Account Manager could review all resourcing for all projects for a specific client
  • An input into a resourcing meeting (especially when teamed with the People Resourcing Workbench)

The Project Resourcing workbench is accessed from the PROJECTS master menu

The Project Resourcing Workbench

The following is an overview of the screen

Use the date picker to jump forward or backwards
Filter by Office, Project Manager
You can add extra people to a project by clicking  Add Resource)
The project status is shown by the relevant icon (Opportunity, Committed, In Progress)
Click the project name to open the resourcing page for that project, where further details and options are available
Pencil bookings are represented with a lighter shade of the relevant colour of the resource level)

Add a Resource 

Resources can be added to projects, with the full " Add Resource" functionality available, including allocating hours while adding the resource and the ability to create a Shadow Resource,