Overview of clients

Clients are the top of the food chain in Project Works.

The Client zone has 3 master screens collating information rolled up and presented at a client level. It provides the highest level view of portfolios, including a filterable directory, client level forecasts and a calendar of upcoming actions for clients.

It is unlikely these screens will be used frequently, however they provide valuable insight to management and Client Manages.

Clients Directory

The Client Directory lists all clients for your organisation and can be filtered to refine the list.

For each client you can see what type (industry) they are, which of your offices they "belong" to and when they were last invoiced. You can see the number of projects for a client - the total number and the number that are currently active.

Note: A client is classed as Active when it has at least one project with a status of Opportunity, Committed or In Progress.

Use the filters to refine the list of clients.
Click the export button to export a CSV file of projects. 
Click the + button to Add a client


The Client Forecasting screen shows financial forecasts rolled-up to a client level. Forecasts can be filtered so you can focus on what is relevant to you. Forecasts are presented within each Office, grouped by Client Manager and then by client. The forecast change log for each client is accessed from here.

Refer to the Forecasting reports article for more information


The Clients Upcoming screen provides a forward view of actions that are occurring, or if an advance notification is set up. By default the current week and the newt week are shown, with the ability to add more weeks to the view. Any actions that are due (or advance notifications are triggered) for a client will be listed as well as any project "milestone" tasks.

Each item shows the Action heading, description, client and Client Manager. It also shows the Project name and notification period if applicable. 

Refer to Client Actions for details of creating an action for a client..

Use the filters to refine the list to show items for an Office and/or Client Manager
Previous dates are greyed out and the current date is in bold
Actions for a Client are in orange and project milestones are green. If the action has an advance notification (eg "in 7 days:) it will be shown.
Click "Show Next Week" to load up another week of upcoming actions